7 for 2017: Top 7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Owners


Nowadays, a business’ credibility can be made or broken based on their social media marketing tactics. Many owners and managers, such as yourselves, might be working steadily to get the coveted “#1 on Google” ranking with your top keyword, and the struggle is proving to be not only time-consuming, but expensive as well.

How can you help your efforts to make that #1 spot without forking over an arm and a leg in advertising fees? While there are no clear-cut guarantees to Google ranking stardom, there are a few tried-and-true methods that can help you progress faster.

Here are our 7 for 2017 — the top tips that owners and managers need for social media marketing.

Make more videos

Videos are shared at a faster rate than many text articles, especially on platforms such as Facebook. If you really want to be seen on social media, then consider adding video content to your social media marketing strategy.

Pro Tip: Be sure to host your videos on YouTube. They are owned by Google and as long as your meta-tags are done correctly, you’ll be ranking all over the internet (not to mention, you can leverage YouTube followers as an extra income stream with YouTube’s ad structure).

Post now. Post later. Post often.

Consistency is key with content marketing on social media. The more you post, the more engagement and activity you will earn. But to be clear: posting for the sake of posting is detrimental to a successful social media marketing campaign. It’s better to post one great piece of content than crowd your audience with four mediocre sources. Keep the quality high and as frequent as necessary.

Be sure to have a funnel

Once you’ve gotten some traction on social media, it’s important to develop a successful funnel. We can’t stress enough how important this can be for social media marketing. Once your visitors are paying attention, you need to lead them somewhere – preferably to a place where you’re advertising your offer.

Visitors are only worth the time and energy if you have a process of converting them into customers. Be sure you are collecting their emails, following up, and using retargeting to ensure you’re capturing them at all sides.


Retargeting is when you market to someone according to their previous actions. For example, someone who had liked your post about teaching kids to swim sees an ad on their newsfeed for a discounted children’s swimming lesson. The person’s previous search is influencing the advertisements they continue to see online.

Retargeting is a great way to target your audience through social media marketing because it only shows your products or services to users who have already indicated that they are interested. If you pay attention to their behaviours, you’ll know how to earn their business.

Get media exposure

If your target audience is local, never underestimate the importance of local social media marketing. Get on the local news, send a press release to local outlets, or sponsor an event. Your company’s credentials can be given a boost by a great affiliation; one that’s on-brand and that your customers are interested in.

Feature other experts

Featuring other experts is the best way for you to gain exposure with your target audience. It shows that you’re an authority by sharing in the thought knowledge pool. Social media marketing is about exactly that: being social. Introduce yourself to your competitors and find avenues to collaborate. For example, there might be a service you offer that they don’t, and in that, it’s easy to complement each other. It’s not only what you know, but who you know.

Hire Professionals

One of the best social media marketing tips we can give is this: if you don’t have the time to execute your social media strategy, then hiring a professional is always an option. A professional social media manager or coordinator will do market research, build a following on your behalf, and generate sales by way of engagement. When you have the option to work with a professional, why not take it?

Remember that services don’t have to be all or nothing. Hire someone to interact with your social media fans or just to write your email newsletters. Find someone to help get media coverage or run a quality ad campaign.

Let’s connect if you’re in the mood to build your social media following or run a fun, engaging campaign. We can help you put together a great plan that will give you a boost on the way to the top.

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